Overview of Response Rates

Current Self-Response Rates as of 07/01



HTC Census Tracts




Response Rates Over Time

State and County Self-Response Rates Over Time

  • The USCB started publishing self-response rate data on 03/20/2020.

  • While the state response rate is consistently about 4-5 percentage points above the county rate, both state and county rates have steadily increased throughout the self-response period.

  • Over the past month, however, self-response rates have plateaued. The state self-response rate increased by only 0.9 percentage points over the last two weeks (06/15 to 07/01), and the county rate increased by only 0.6 percentage points.

  • The final self-response rate for California in 2010 was 68.2%, and the final 2010 rate for Los Angeles County was 69%.

  • Both CA and LA County have substantial ground to cover before meeting their respective 2010 self-response rates, but we continue to see steady increases in self-response despite challenges, including those related to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.